In Luke 18:1-8, Jesus tells the parable about a PERSISTENT widow to his disciples.

It’s interesting how Jesus used the word PERSISTENT to describe this woman.

This widow was DETERMINED. She would NOT GIVE UP despite the difficulty. 

Just like this widow, we might face challenges that seem insurmountable. 

Situations may come that we did not ask for and are out of our control. Yet, God has still given us a tool – persistent prayer!

Through this parable, Jesus encouraged his disciples to “always pray and not give up!”

Always means at all times or on all occasions. GOD IS FAITHFUL AND HEARS OUR PRAYERS! Don’t give up. Your prayer will not go unheard.

This widow did not have much, and it would have been easier for her to lose hope. But despite the odds, she continued to have faith, and her plea was answered!

This widow was so determined to get what she wanted that she made it happen through determination!