We are all different ages, work unique jobs, are married or single, have children or have no children, and still despite all of our differences, we all have one necessity in common. We all need quiet time with God. 

To sit in the presence of God to just be with Him and worship Him on our own instead of only in church on a Sunday morning, I believe is vital to our well-being and relationship with God. If we never take time to put aside distractions and get quiet in His presence, we will have a weaker level of peace and an underdeveloped relationship with our heavenly Father. 

The time we spend in God’s presence, praying, reading, and worshipping, is the foundation for how productive and prosperous every other area of our lives will be. 

Everything in our lives stems from our relationship with our God, therefore, if we aren’t experiencing His love from reading the Word and spending time with Him, we won’t share it with others. 

If we are overwhelmed and lacking peace because we’ve been too busy to seek God, we’ll get worn out and become unfruitful. 

If we are unsure of our future because we haven’t spent time in prayer for God’s direction, we’ll grow stagnant and confused about what we are meant to do. 

Not only does God desire personal set apart time with us, our spirit craves it. To grow with God, we must put getting quiet in His presence as a top priority no matter what season of life we are in. When we do this, we will flourish in our relationship with Him and be prosperous, lacking nothing in our lives.

“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” ~ Matthew 6:33 NKJV