As humans, we all to some extent have a desire to feel valued and significant at our jobs, by our spouse or children, in our volunteer positions, and by our friends. 

There will be moments, maybe even seasons of your life when you feel everything you do goes unnoticed and that you are not valued in your relationships or your work. 

It may be true that the people around you are not realizing your significance but when those thoughts and feelings enter your mind, it is important to remember that you are always valued by your heavenly Father and that Jesus knows exactly what you are going through. 

Jesus surely did not feel valued as people hit Him, spit at Him, and pushed a crown of thorns onto His head before nailing Him to the cross (Mark 15:16-20). But God valued Him and was preparing a reward for Him. 

God sees you when you stay faithful in your volunteer positions, are mistreated at your job, go underappreciated as a stay at home parent, or when you are giving more than you’re receiving in your relationships. You may not feel valued, you may feel that all of your efforts are going unnoticed, but God sees you. 

Your value comes from heaven. Don’t let the applause, or lack thereof, of this world deter you from where God has placed you right now. Follow Jesus’ example of faithfulness and listen to the direction of the Holy Spirit because God loves you and will reward you in due time.