There is a war going on for your attention. As our world continues to only grow darker, will you allow the opinions and dishonesty of others to lure your focus away from God’s will? There is an astronomical amount of negativity and deceit in our society and daily our Lord and Savior is being mocked, refused, and misunderstood by millions. 

As Christians how do we combat this type of living? When it is almost impossible to watch a movie or turn on the radio without seeing or hearing something that threatens your relationship with your Heavenly Father, how can we protect our minds and our faith?

  1. Refrain from things that do not glorify God 
  2. Continually fill your spirit
  3. Have fellowship with like-minded believers

I think we often choose to watch or listen to things that do not necessarily glorify God because we believe it’s harmless; but everything has a message, and anything that you give your attention to is preaching to you whether you realize it or not. Choosing to take part in music, television, or radio news that is meant for entertainment but ultimately clouds our minds of God’s guidelines and plan will never help you grow in your faith, or become the witnesses we are all called to be.

In this day and age it is crucial that we fill our spirits with words from the one true and living God. When we read the Bible daily, it amplifies the Holy Spirit’s voice inside of us instead of slowly silencing it. If there has ever been a time where it was more important to be tuned into God’s Spirit, I don’t know it.

Make sure you have a community of like-minded believers around you. Relationships that provide encouragement, support, advice, and love are needed when you are a light in a world that is consumingly dark. To have people that you can pray for and with is not only uplifting, but important.

There is no way to escape the blinding violence, rebellion, and confusion that has seemingly overtaken our society. And we shouldn’t try to escape it. We need to fight for the lost souls that are chained, overwhelmed with shame, and have yet to experience the love and forgiveness of a God they’ve only been taught to see as a dictator. Protect your mind and spirit so that you can set others free.

“Put on all of God’s armor so that you will be able to stand firm against all strategies of the devil.” ~ Ephesians 6:11 NLT