Just Keep Praying!

One of the greatest tragedies of today is that Christians are not doing what they are designed to do: Fellowship with God.
How do we fellowship with God? Through prayer!
Our prayer life is the most important thing we could ever nurture. It is through our prayers that God can work in the world!

Words are the link between Heaven and Earth.
When you need anything, make your requests be known to God.
Even Jesus, who had deity, had to pray to The Father to see things in His life come to pass (Mark 1:35). If He prayed, how much more do we need to pray?
The way God is able to work in our lives is through our prayers. When we make our requests known unto God, He hears us!

We know God and He hears us (1 John 5:15)! Fellowship with Him, don’t talk to Him only when you need something. Prayer is a two-way conversation. Don’t do all the talking, let God speak to you. Seek for Him and you will find Him!

When you pray, pray will all of your heart, with all sincerity (Jeremiah 29:13).
Have confidence in God’s abilities! Have confidence in the power of prayer! God is more powerful than we could ever imagine. Don’t let your doubts be more real in your life than His abilities.

Be bold in your prayers (1John 5:14-17).
We are children of God! Through Jesus we were born again into His family! Just as a child has full rights to talk to and request from their parents, so we have full rights to talk to our Heavenly Father!

We are all called to be prayer warriors (Philippians 4:6-7)!
Pray until you get your victory! Take your prayer life seriously! We are called not to fight our battles with our own efforts, but to fight with our words through prayer!

Live a life of prayer! Just keep praying!