The world loves labels: Democrat. Republican. Rich. Poor. Stupid. Smart. Ugly. Beautiful.

Every person you meet, every conversation you have, you walk away with a label in your mind. 

The enemy loves labels as well, and a lot of times these labels will come to our minds and trigger emotional responses to make us feel less than what God intended for ourselves:

Weird. Annoying. Unimportant. Boring. Stupid. Ugly. Nerd. Poor. Weak. Failure. Sinner. Liar. Unlovable. Unloving. Trash. Outcast. Alone. Afraid.

The enemy loves getting our attention on these thoughts about ourselves because if he can get unfocussed on his labels it will take our focus off of what God says we are.

When the world and the enemy tell us that we are not enough, we are too messed up, or damaged God tells us that we have been MISLABLED. 

We are never not enough, or too much. We are never too messed up, or too far away from God. We are never too damaged, or a mistake, or a failure, or a disappointment. 

In the eyes of God we are cherished and loved above all things. We are unique. We are victors in Christ. 

The next time a thought of a label comes to your mind, compare it to what the word of God says you are. If they don’t line up, throw it from your mind. You are nothing less than what God created you to be: loved.