We live in a “if i get, only then I will give” culture – to be blunt, a self-seeking, self-serving, inconsiderate culture. Is this because people have become evil and no one cares about anyone else? No. It’s because the men and women of our society are confused, broken, and insecure. They are terrified of loving others because it may not be reciprocated and they don’t want to appear weak.

It is actually seen as a strength to be hateful to other people. To prove that you’re independent and you don’t need anyone or anything because you’re strong on your own.

When I see this plastered all over social media, my heart aches because I know that really these people are hurting. They’ve been hurt in the past and as a coping mechanism they put up walls to try and show how strong they are. 

People are so engrossed in trying to fill the void in their own hearts that they hurt the people around them. I’ve heard this saying many times and I’m sure you have as well, “hurting people, hurt people” sadly, it’s the truth. 

Does God see these men and women’s hatefulness and scoff at them, determining they aren’t worthy of love? Of course not. He longs for us to be the disciples He called us to be, sharing His love and strength with every broken or depressed individual we can. 

Be the person who goes out of their way to help someone else, give without the desire to get, fearlessly show Christ’s love to this world because if we don’t, who will?

“By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” ~ John 13:35