To live in a world of constant entertainment, drive-thrus, and any question you have to be answered instantly with a quick search, the idea of waiting for something has become foreign. While our society grows every day, our God stays the same. 

When we bring our requests to God, or when things are changing in life and we need to know which direction to go, it can feel impossible to hear from the Lord. Is this because He is ignoring us? Forcing us to make the decision without His guidance and hoping we choose the right way? Definitely not! 

Our minds have become so fast paced it can sometimes feel like that; but the truth is, we’ve drowned out His Spirit. Maybe not intentionally, but undoubtedly when we let our schedules get so hectic we barely have time to take a deep breath until we lay our heads down at night, we’ve silenced His voice. 

There are three main areas of our lives, all equally important, that we must keep at the top of our priority list for the health of our relationship with our Heavenly Father, and really for our own personal health. 

First, our prayer life. To have an open and honest prayer life with the One who knows all things, somehow can be difficult. To be brutally honest about your thoughts, feelings, desires, and needs is something that our Heavenly Father craves when it comes to our communion with Him. Yet, so many people fear “offending” God. It is vital to our relationship to spend time in prayer on a regular basis. To talk out the future plans, opportunities, and decisions of our lives helps to make us more conscious of His Spirit and leading. 

The second, is quiet time. There are imperative moments to be had in the quiet, uninterrupted, presence of God. Moments that can so easily slip through our fingers if we aren’t careful. If when we are through with our prayers we get up and run off with our day, we don’t give God the opportunity to speak to us and show us His love. Learn to rest in His presence, it is there you will feel His peace and love, and hear where He is directing you next.

Finally, a key factor in waiting on the Lord is to worship Him. Not only on Sunday morning, but every day in your own home. In Acts chapter 16, Peter and Silas were thrown into jail. When they began to pray and lift up praises to God, a mighty earthquake struck, the prison doors flew open and their chains fell off. Plans are set in motion when we sing praises to Heaven. Worshipping our Father not only glorifies Him, it helps us as well because it reminds us of His goodness and all He has done for us. To remember His faithfulness in past situations is encouraging when waiting on a word from the Lord. 

Our Father longs to speak to us, we simply need to slow down and give Him our attention and time.