“And looking at them Jesus said to them,
‘With people this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.’”
~ Matthew 19:26

There is nothing is that is not possible with God.

There is no dream that cannot become a reality.
There is no goal that cannot be reached.
There is no success that cannot be claimed.
There is no promise that is not possible.

God has promised us unlimited possibility in our lives!

With Christmas right around the corner, and the New Year on its way don’t limit the possibilities God wants to put in your life!

If you are believing for the promise of healing, finances, love, peace, direction, fellowship, strength, or even self- improvement it is all possible through Christ!

All we have to do is pray, believe that we receive, and thank Him for it!

Today ask God about what you have wanted to see in your life, and thank Him for them and His promise of possibility!