You may not realize it but there are different types of believers. I’m not talking about denominational differences, but our mindset after we become born again.

There are passive believers and dangerous believers. 

Passive believers are men and women who receive Jesus Christ but only ever let their relationship with God impact their own lives. Dangerous believers are a threat to the kingdom of darkness. They take what has been revealed to them through scripture and their relationship with God and they share it with others. 

Through dangerous believers people are saved, redeemed, and healed; the kingdom of God grows and the love of God is widely known. But sadly through passive believers, the Word of God is not spread, more people do not come to know the forgiveness and love of God, and men and women all over the world continue to suffer not knowing the Gospel message.

I would like to clarify that not everyone is called into the fivefold ministry, nor do we need to stand on the sidewalk with a sign that reads, “Are you going to hell?” but we should be committed to listening and obeying the Spirit when He moves on us to speak to an unbeliever.

We can share Jesus wherever we are, not just from a stage. Whether you are a professor, a grocery store clerk, a mechanic, a lawyer, or a stay at home parent, God places people in every area so that His truth can be shared with all people, not only the people who come to church on Sunday morning.

The latter part of James 4:14 says, “…For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away.” (NKJV) We do not want to waste the short days we have on this Earth as passive believers. We should desire that everyone around us be set free by God’s truth and go to heaven with us. 

Be a dangerous believer today. Choose to be someone who positively impacts people and the kingdom of God by sharing your faith and all that your heavenly Father has done for you.