Prepare For Success

“In all your ways acknowledge Him,

and He will make your paths straight.”

~ Proverbs 3: 6

2017 was a year I did not expect.

I published my first book, my son beat cancer, and I witnessed God move all throughout America and Russia. Praise God!

While 2017 was a year I will never forget; I believe that 2018 will be the best year yet. And the best way to assure a successful year is to prepare for success.

There is no way to know everything that is going to happen this year. But the best way to prepare for success is through prayer.

I believe that without the power of prayer is the powerhouse that paves the road to what God considers a success.

Without prayer, the road ahead is much harder than necessary.

I encourage you to spend the last days of 2017 preparing for 2018 with prayer.

I pray that the year 2018 is full of blessings!

The True Meaning Of Christmas

“Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!”

~ John 1:29

Christmas is about more than caroling.

Christmas is about more than Christmas trees and decorations.

Christmas is about more than family reunions.

Christmas is about more than family vacations.

Christmas is about more than food.

Christmas is about more than getting time off of work.

Christmas is about more than holiday movies.

Christmas is about more than lights on all of the houses.

Christmas is about more than presents.

Christmas is about more than snow.

Christmas is about more than the traditions of our holidays.

Christmas is about more than work-place parties.


While none of these holiday traditions are wrong, Christmas is about so much more.


Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Christ.

Christmas is about the fulfillment of God’s promise to restore the redemption of humanity.

Christmas is about God’s faithfulness.

Christmas is about God’s never-ending love for us.


This Christmas take time away from the regular holiday madness, and spend some time with God.


I pray that you have a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones.

Cold Blues

“My flesh and my heart may fail,

but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.”

~ Psalm 73: 26


Some days in the midst of a cold winter, it can be especially hard to get out of bed. I know I for one did not want to leave the warmth and comfort of my own bed this morning.

On those days when it seems especially hard to do anything let God be your strength! Even when your own body fails, God never will!

Don’t let yourself be stuck in the cold blues,

let God’s fire warm your spirit and be your strength!

Here are my top three tips on how to keep your heart, spirit, body, and mind warm and uplifted during the moments of cold blues:

  1. Spend time with God

Take time on your own to get into the Word of God and in prayer. Whether you decide to do this indoors by a cozy fire, or outside in the great winter weather, God’s love and Spirit will keep your heart, spirit and mind warm and empowered.

  1. Spend time with your loved ones

Family, friends, and other people God has placed in our lives are so important to maintaining a healthy heart and thought life. Laugh, make memories, and spend time with those closest to you.

  1. Enjoy all that winter has to offer

There’s more to winter than cold days. God created all seasons, even the coldest one. Enjoy the beauty of the snow, or morning frost. Enjoy the wintertime activities, and the moments where even strangers come together to help those in need.

Instead of focusing on the hard parts of the season you’re in, focus on the beauty of it instead.

Crimea City-Wide Winter Celebration


At the end of December we have an opportunity once again to expand the Kindom of God.

At the end of the year, we will be doing five major ministry outreaches in Russia and Crimea. We are beginning with four services in the city of Moscow, and three citywide outreaches in Crimea. We will be ending with three major Christmas Celebrations in the city of Perm. During these events, we will be giving out over 2,000 sacks of groceries, mainly to elderly women who have very little to live on in the nation of Russia. I need your help with prayer for protection, for supernatural provision, and for God’s overwhelming favor. If you feel it in your heart to help us bring the love of God to the people of Russia and Crimea please pray and ask what He would have you give. There is no gift to small or gift too great that we will not appreciate in helping us to expand the Kingdom of God this holiday season. We could not, and cannot, accomplish this without you. With all of my heart, I pray that this will be the most extraordinary time of peace that you will ever know.

Thank you,

Ways to give:

  • You can give online at
  • You can mail checks made out to Mikel French Ministries to P.O. Box 140420 Broken Arrow, OK. 74011
  • You can call 918.355.6083 and give over the phone by card
  • You can text to give at 918.779.1113

Unlimited Possibilities

“And looking at them Jesus said to them,
‘With people this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.’”
~ Matthew 19:26

There is nothing is that is not possible with God.

There is no dream that cannot become a reality.
There is no goal that cannot be reached.
There is no success that cannot be claimed.
There is no promise that is not possible.

God has promised us unlimited possibility in our lives!

With Christmas right around the corner, and the New Year on its way don’t limit the possibilities God wants to put in your life!

If you are believing for the promise of healing, finances, love, peace, direction, fellowship, strength, or even self- improvement it is all possible through Christ!

All we have to do is pray, believe that we receive, and thank Him for it!

Today ask God about what you have wanted to see in your life, and thank Him for them and His promise of possibility!