Red Light!

One of the most frustrating things in the world is when you are driving home late at night, you are tired, you are hungry, and the traffic light in front of you turns red… for no reason at all. 

I must admit, it is VERY tempting just to run it. After all, there’s no one coming, right? Not to mention, I’ve got places to be, food to eat, and a bed to sleep in that is calling my name. 

But the law of the red light, that all must stop and wait until the light turns green, is not there as an inconvenience or punishment. The law of the red light is in place for our protection, and the protection of other’s on the road. 

Many people reject Christ and church because of all the commandments given to us in the Bible. But what they do not understand is that, just like the red light, the laws of God are in place to protect us and to protect others! 

Just like a red light, it is up to us whether or not we are going to break the rules God set in place. Sometimes when we run a red light, nothing happens. No one gets hurt, and we don’t get a ticket at the end of the night. But other times when we run a red light we get pulled over and given a fine, or even worse, we cause an accident that results in the loss of a life. 

God doesn’t set rules in place to make our lives harder, or to take away our joy. No! God puts guidelines in place to assure that we are living the best lives we can, and that we don’t get hurt or hurt anyone else. 

Today I encourage you to let God minister to you today of ways that you can better live your life according to His Word, and His desires for you to live the best life possible. There is nothing God would withhold from you, and no joy He does not want you to have. We just must trust His judgment of what is safe, and what we should be wise to stay away from. 


The world loves labels: Democrat. Republican. Rich. Poor. Stupid. Smart. Ugly. Beautiful.

Every person you meet, every conversation you have, you walk away with a label in your mind. 

The enemy loves labels as well, and a lot of times these labels will come to our minds and trigger emotional responses to make us feel less than what God intended for ourselves:

Weird. Annoying. Unimportant. Boring. Stupid. Ugly. Nerd. Poor. Weak. Failure. Sinner. Liar. Unlovable. Unloving. Trash. Outcast. Alone. Afraid.

The enemy loves getting our attention on these thoughts about ourselves because if he can get unfocussed on his labels it will take our focus off of what God says we are.

When the world and the enemy tell us that we are not enough, we are too messed up, or damaged God tells us that we have been MISLABLED. 

We are never not enough, or too much. We are never too messed up, or too far away from God. We are never too damaged, or a mistake, or a failure, or a disappointment. 

In the eyes of God we are cherished and loved above all things. We are unique. We are victors in Christ. 

The next time a thought of a label comes to your mind, compare it to what the word of God says you are. If they don’t line up, throw it from your mind. You are nothing less than what God created you to be: loved. 

Easter Is In Five Days!

“Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die.” ~ John 11:25

In five days Christians all around the world will celebrate the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ! This is always my favorite time of the year, because Easter is all about God’s love for us, and our ability to love Him! 

Because Jesus went to the cross and died for us so that we may live forever with Him, we are able to love God and have an intimate relationship with Him! The best way to love God I believe is to show His love to others. 

This Easter I encourage you to show God’s love to others. Take a step away from all of the egg decorations, parties, and dinners and find an opportunity to love some one else this holiday! Find an opportunity to share Christ with someone in need! 

Showing God’s love doesn’t need to be hard or a burden! It can be as easy as bringing someone a meal to eat, or taking five minutes to pray with a hurting heart and encourage them. 

Because Christ died, rose again, and now lives forever in us we have the awesome opportunity to love others just how Christ loves us! Let’s not miss the opportunities that will come to share God’s love with the lost, dying, and hurting this Easter! 

I Will Not Fail You or Abandon You! ~ God

“No one will be able to stand against you as long as you live.

For I will be with you as I was with Moses. I will not fail you or abandon you.”

~ Joshua 1:5

What does it mean when God tells us that He will never fail us or abandon us? 

What does it mean to you? For me, this verse is a foundation that I stand on everyday and throughout every battle I go through. 

Faith is believing that God is with us. Faith is believing that God will not fail us.

Even when you are feeling overwhelmed and anxious, God will not fail you or abandon you. Even when you question everything, and feel lost with no vision, God will not fail you or abandon you. Even when you have messed up and hurt, God will never fail you or abandon you.

You don’t have to know how your situation is going to work out, or go to extreme measure to try and figure everything out yourself. All you need to do is have faith in God that He will not fail you or abandon you.  

When your emotions are everywhere, and you feel afraid or overwhelmed give your thoughts and concerns over to God and trust Him that He will bring your miracles to pass! 

Balancing Your Life’s “To-Do” List

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, 

and I will give you rest.” ~ Matthew 11:28

When you’re in the midst of juggling work, school, family, hobbies, health, AND a Christian lifestyle how do you keep from burning out? 

When Christ called us to follow Him, He never called us to burn out. 

In the Word of God it says that His yoke is easy and light, not a burden at all. Being a Christian should not be hard, heavy, or a burden in anyway. 

Being a Christian is designed to help you manage the rest of what’s on your plate, and make them light and easy. 

So instead of trying to juggle having a relationship with God along with all of your other responsibilities and commitments, don’t! 

Our relationship with God isn’t something to juggle, but rather the foundation we stand on as we manage and balance our life’s “to-do” list. 

Come to God when you are feeling burdened or overwhelmed, and He will give you the rest and balance you need to be successful and healthy in life.