Take a moment and try this experiment with me.
Find a string, and a few pens.
Tie the same string around the base of the four pens so that all of the pens are lined up and along the string, leaving enough room at the end of the string for you to hold on to. Proceed to let the string and pens all fall into a pile on the floor.
Now, when you pull one end of the string, notice how all of the pens follow and line up in the process?
You may be wondering, what does this experiment have to do with anything?

These pens represent the priorities in our life.
They can represent our relationships, our health, our jobs, or even our hobbies.
The string represents God.

Just like when you focused on getting the string into a straight line, in the process it lined up the pens as well, the same is true of the priorities in our life.

When we allow God to be tied to each area in our life, and we focus on putting Him first, the rest of the areas in our life will line up and fall in order.

No matter how chaotic your life may look right now, focus on putting God first!  Don’t worry about anything else.
In the midst of the chaos, when you put God first and put your focus on Him, everything else will fall into order.