We have all officially made it through the first week of 2019. Congratulations! Now what? 

A popular tradition that has come through the years is to create a New Year’s Resolution, in the hope of improving certain areas of our lives. For example, we all know that in January of a New Year is when gym memberships become higher than any other month of the year. Why? Because millions of people make a New Year’s Resolution to get in shape physically. 

What do you think would happen if millions of people around the world decided that their New Year’s Resolution was to get in shape spiritually? Would church memberships grow more than gym memberships? And how can we get these new members to stay, and not drop out after a few weeks of trying? (Let’s be honest, we’ve all taken on a gym membership that we only used for a few weeks before quitting going.) 

I think that when people view church and growing spiritually they shouldn’t view it in the same way as going to the gym. When I think of going to the gym I dread it. I have to beg, cry, and force myself out of the door and into the car until I find myself on the treadmill. And then afterwards I reward myself for going with food that contains a lot more calories than what I had just burned off. 

But when I go to church, I go rejoicing and I can’t get there fast enough! Going to church shouldn’t be a burden. Going to church should help to relieve your burdens. Making it a habit to go to church is a way of showing God your commitment to him, and opening up your own heart to receive from him. 

This year make it a resolution for you to get in shape spiritually, and to make it a habit to go to church. I’m not saying that going to church is the only way to stay spiritually in shape, there are so many other things we need to do in our lives. But going to church will help encourage you to continue your spiritual growth, and surround you with people that will encourage you during the hardest times and not let you give up!