2019 is here at last! My wife asked me this morning where I see myself in 2020, and I had to answer, “I don’t know, I don’t have 20/20 vision.” But all jokes aside, my vision, and God’s vision for the next year of my life and ministry is bigger than ever! 

2018 was full of miracles, provision, healings, restoration, and thousands of people coming to know God for themselves by accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. And I believe that in 2019 we will see so many more miracles than we ever have in years past before! 

What is your vision for 2019? Where would you like to see yourself when 2020 comes around? 

Perhaps you would like to grow closer in your relationship with God, or travel to a different country?

Or maybe you would like to have led people to Christ yourself, and would like to have stronger friendships in your life? 

No matter what it is that you are wanting to do with your life, and see come to pass, 2019 is a great place to start! Be brave enough to take the first step. 

You have been given everything you need to make the desires that God placed in your heart come to pass, the most important tool being passion. 

So as the hype of the New Year wears off, and you wonder what is next in your life remind yourself of the desires and passions that are in your heart and ask God to help make them come to reality. Take the first step, and give God your desires.