March 6th, 2023 Monday Motivator

Hello Friend, 

You have been so faithful in reading the Monday Motivator each week. 

It blesses me to know you’re being blessed!

Right now, I’m traveling, ministering God’s word, and attending meetings with some dear friends of mine who are mighty men of God. 

Today, I decided to switch it up and let them share what God has put on their hearts to encourage you. 

Caleb Wehrli shares:

“I want to encourage you as I spend time with Mikel and other leaders. One of the things I am always encouraged by is the gift of God He has already put on the inside of us. You might be reading, and wondering ‘What is the gift God has put on the inside of me?’ The scripture says, in 1 Timothy 4:14, ‘Don’t neglect the gift God has put on the inside of you.’ It may be in speaking, writing, or encouraging, but for all of us, it’s in sharing our faith with others and cultivating whom God has called us to be. So, don’t neglect the gift and go after all God has called you to do.”

Ashley Wilson shares:

“I am encouraged by what I see the Holy Spirit doing worldwide in this season. So, I want to encourage you to get connected with what God is doing. Be hungry. Be humble. Go after God with everything you have this week. Step into the rising tide of the Holy Spirit we are experiencing worldwide, and watch God do something supernatural in your life this week.” 

I loved what Ashley and Caleb said to you guys because it is so TRUE! 

God is doing great things around the world right now. The Holy Spirit is on the move and touching lives every day! So many people get caught up with the negative in the world and miss what God is doing supernaturally in front of their own eyes. I have seen dozens of hearts dedicate their lives to God, hearts being set on fire, and lives filled with the Holy Spirit. 

I’m convinced that many miss what God is doing simply by not getting involved with what He is doing. 

God is looking for those ready to surrender and do His will. 

Get involved by doing what Caleb encouraged. Use the gifts God has placed on the inside of you! God has given us these gifts, not for our benefit but to help others. When we choose to use them and not neglect them, God can use us mightily for the body of Christ. 

This week, get in tune with the Holy Spirit, use your gift, surrender, and allow God to use you!