Life is full of Joy that you don’t want to take for granted, for it’s not like happiness where it is outward changes such as, circumstances, situations or environment.

Joy comes from an inward relationship with Christ and has to do with your heart.

If you live in “the what if’s” moments, you will never experience Joy. By the grace of God, Joy is a gift NOW and helps you to deal with today and move ahead with peace in all situations.

Joy is misunderstood, in that living day by day and expecting something “better” like a new job, new relationship, new car, hitting the lottery, etc.  When it’s not Joy at all you are searching for it is happiness in things. When you have Joy in Christ, your daily life is fulfilled, and your future will be promising in what God has for you.

Happiness can be a fleeting moment of carnality; Joy in Christ is living Joyful in no matter the circumstance now and forever.
When you are constantly looking for happiness you will never experience Joy.

 It is impossible to have Joy without a relationship with Christ!

“So, don’t worry about tomorrow, or tomorrow will bring its own worries.
Today’s trouble is enough for today.” –
Matthew 6:34

Live your life to the fullness and best with Joy in Christ!