Last week was Thanksgiving, and we were able to at some point reflect on all of the things we were thankful for. But I wonder, at any point in your life have you ever truly thanked God for yourself?
Have you thanked God for creating you, and all of the things that make you who you are?
Have you thanked God for the color of your hair?
Have you thanked God for the sound of your laugh, or your voice when you sing?
Have you thanked God for the talents, abilities, and skills He placed in you to compliment the calling on your life?
Have you thanked God for your ability to love, and see the world that He does?
Have you thanked God for your sense of humor, or the desires in your heart?
Have you thanked God for you?
You see, out of all God’s creations in the entire span of time, you are His favorite. God put more time, more detail, and more attention into creating every part of you that makes you who you are than we could ever imagine.
God gave you your hair color, skin tone, and eye color because He thought that they would be the perfect compliment for who you are.
God gave you your laugh, your quirks, and your abilities because He knew that they are what would make you complete.
God filled your heart with desires, ambitions, abilities, and capabilities because His vision of what the final product of who you are wouldn’t be complete without them.
God made you special. God gave you everything, and every part of who you are for a reason. And without any part of what God gave you, you wouldn’t be complete.
So the next time you sing, catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, or accomplish a great task… thank God for it!
The next time your mind is able to solve a problem… thank God for it!
The next time you design an art piece that blows you away… thank God for it!
The next time you are able to run up a mountain or lift a higher weight… thank God for it!
Thank God for creating you exactly the way that you are.
Thank God for dreaming of a world that had you in it, and then moving Heaven and Earth to see you be born into a world that He knows you have the capability to be a blessing to.
Thank God for yourself, not out of pride, but out of pure thanksgiving and love for our Father that loves us so much.