Sometimes life can be overwhelming. It’s the holiday season and every day for the next few weeks has been taken up with things to do. Let’s admit it. We are human, and not everything goes the way we plan. We can have a plan to get everything done, but sometimes that plan goes out the window with complications knocking at the door.
God never promised that life would be easy.
But God did promise that He will ALWAYS be with us (Joshua 1:9)!
God has GREAT plans for your life! He desires to bless you far more than any earthly father ever could!
When difficult circumstances come into our lives, it is NOT God’s will!
The reason we face these hardships is because of the sin that plagues our world.
That is why Christ came to die for us on the cross!
Christ came so that we could not only have His righteousness, but so that we could be more than conquerors through Him (Romans 8:37)!
When you keep your focuss on Jesus, you will have His victory in all things!
When you keep your focuss on Jesus, you will walk on water!
You don’t have to keep your head above the water, with God at the center of your life you will soar!
It’s okay to be faced with difficult circumstances in life. It doesn’t mean that God is not there or that you are unworthy of His help.
God is always with you!
Instead of struggling to keep your head above the waters of life, keep your focuss on God and He will take care of everything!