In exactly one week children all over the world will be waking up to check their stockings, peek under the tree, and wrestle their parents out of bed to begin the day. Can you imagine if everyone everyday started off with as much joy and excitement that a child has on Christmas morning? I think we would all definitely get a lot more done in our daily lives. 

People now are beginning to clean, cook and prepare for family to arrive from out of town. Others are packing and preparing to travel to see loved ones they haven’t in a while. And some and preparing for a week of work that they couldn’t get off, even for the holidays. Marsha and I are in the category of cleaning, cooking, decorating the house and awaiting the arrival of our three beautiful grandchildren. 

But before we know it, Christmas will be over. The New Year will come and go, and then we’ll be back to the regular flow of life. 

Today I want to encourage you with a few thoughts:

  • Enjoy each day 

Christmas doesn’t come everyday. Enjoy it, your family, and this time while it’s here! 

  • When the holidays are over, still wake up expecting and excited! 

Christmas doesn’t come everyday, and there are 364 other days of the year that could be filled with just as much joy! 

  • Don’t forget what Christmas is all about

While family, food, and friends are great, Christmas is all about Jesus! Don’t get so wrapped up in presents and the to-do lists this week that you forget the peace, joy, love, patience, and provision that we have because of Jesus Christ coming to us on Christmas Day all those years ago as a babe.