It is odd to me that most people are afraid of success. They are afraid of the unknown, of the new, and of change. Yet, God is always setting us up for new successes and changes every day. A big part of Christianity is giving up our rights to fear, for the trade of trusting God and His plan for our lives.
God’s original intention for mankind is his ultimate intention for mankind. He doesn’t want us living in fear, He desires for us to fellowship in love with Him. He desires to see us living our best, victorious, and successful lives. But this success isn’t built on our own abilities; it is built off of the abilities He gives us His victories. He has already won. As soon as mankind set itself onto the path of fear and death, God had a plan to save us, which he revealed first in Genesis 3:15 as a prophesy for coming of Christ. It wasn’t through our own acts that we were saved, but rather the acts of Christ.
The remedy of fear is knowledge. Knowledge of who God is, His love, and who we are in Him. During Christ’s ministry on Earth, we see him first as a teacher. He teaches about perfect love, and how to live in it. 1 John 4:18 tells us, “ There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. For fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has not been perfected in love.” We don’t need to be afraid of failure or of success because we have the knowledge that neither are based on our own abilities, and the knowledge that Christ has already won us the victories and successes we need to live victorious lives.
You can’t live in in fear while living in perfect love. The more you learn about love, and how to live in it, the less fear will take presence in your life. Fear is the internal conclusion in our minds that there is something to be afraid of, that there is something to worry about, and that we don’t have what it takes for the situation. When we learn and experience God’s love, we know that there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of or worry about. We know that God supplies our every need, and we only have to believe to receive.
I encourage you to take control of your thought life and renew your mind in the knowledge of God’s love, casting out any thought that goes against it! God’s provided you with everything you need to live out your life’s calling in His perfect love, peace, protection and everything that comes with it. Now is your time to claim it!
Don’t be afraid of greatness, rather embrace it! Christ’s gift to us is living new, better, and ever increasing lives. Don’t waste it because of fear, but rather claim it by faith instead!