Influence plays a significant role in our lives when it comes to living out our God-given calling. If we allow family members, friends, or even people on social media to influence us to a greater degree than the Word of God then we will get off track. We may not notice it at first, it may not even be a big step off track, but still we will not be walking in God’s perfect will. 

A substantial amount of damage can be done to our relationship with God and the plan He has ordained for us through what we allow into our minds and life. Influence is powerful, it has the ability to raise people up as well as bring people down. One way we can be positively impacted by other men and women is if we are motivated by the good qualities and accomplishments we see in them. On the contrary, looking at other people’s lives can bring us down if instead of using what we see to motivate us in our own walk and relationship with God, we become envious. 

God has a divine purpose and a good plan for every single one of us, those in the five fold ministry, as well as those who are not. He has gifted us differently, called us to do different things, and graced us personally to do them. If we see someone else walking in what God has called them to do, become envious, then try to walk down that path as well, we’ll be out of line. Ultimately this will sway us to be disobedient to the Lord’s plan, even inadvertently.

You have to intentionally guard your own mind and heart; be aware of who you are letting influence you. Influence itself is not bad, but becoming envious and insecure because of who you are letting impact you, is. 

I pray that this week you look at who and what guides your life the most. If the instructions and promises of God are not at the top of your list, take a look at how much time you spend scrolling through social media, what music you listen to, what movies you watch, what news articles you read, or what friends you spend the most time with. We often don’t realize these areas of our day-to-day lives affect us on such a great degree. 

Set your focus instead on Jesus’ actions and words. His life is an extraordinary example of how to commune with the Father, treat those around us, and be obedient to walk out our callings no matter what.