December 19th, 2022 Monday Motivator

Christmas is just six days away, and I think it’s important we talk about Mary.

As we age, every generation has something to say about the generation that comes after. I’m sure you can think of the many positive or negative assumptions about Millenials or Gen Z… but have you considered that God trusted the world’s salvation to a teenager! Mary was only around sixteen years old. This thought explodes in my mind! 

Mary’s name comes from the root, Miriam. And can you guess what Miriam means? Miriam means bitter water. 

I cannot help but think of why someone would name their kid after a word that means bitter water! Most of us grow into our names as our parents shape us. Maybe Miriam was strong-willed? And maybe, just perhaps, what the world saw as a weakness, God saw as her strength. 

These are a lot of assumptions, but we do know for a fact that from the day she began the story of the birth of Jesus till the day she died, she never changed her testimony. And that is a strong-willed woman! And thank God! 

Take a moment to reflect on Mary’s life. First, being a young girl living in ancient times, confessing to the world, “I did not know a man. I was a virgin.” There would have to be strength, backbone, and boldness inside her to proclaim such a thing in her time. 

Understand, like Mary, God has given you a testimony of what Jesus Christ’s life has done for your life. Begin to proclaim this testimony with a stubbornness, not obstinate, not hostile, but with a stubborn boldness. 

Maybe you have the faith and boldness of a strong-willed sixteen-year-old girl!

This week be faithful to share the testimony that Jesus is alive and well!