Have you ever heard the term, “The precious present?” This term isn’t referring to a gift that can necessarily be wrapped with boxes and packaging, or really anything that one person can give to another. This term is referring to a gift that we can only give to ourselves, the precious time we have here in the present. The here and now. 

Many people spend their lives living in the past or in the future, and very few people spend their lives living for the present. Dwelling on the past mistakes and events of our lives, or living in anticipation only for the future and what is to come is a sure way to go insane. No one can change the past, and no one knows what the future holds. Worrying about either the past or future, and spending more time living for them rather than what is happening around you right now is a sure way to let your life go by without ever really living it. 

I tend to lean more towards living in the future, with countdowns and far off dates always in mind. I have a countdown for when I will see my grandchildren again, a countdown for every event in Russia, a countdown for the next time I get to travel to a church around the nation to share the love and truth of God… But what I had to learn to do long ago was to erase the countdown from my mind and instead focus on what is going on around me now. 

I learned that you don’t have to wait for a day far off to share Jesus. 

You don’t have to wait for Christmas to tell your family members you love them. 

You don’t have to wait for vacations to enjoy your life and spend time in peace. 

It’s great to be prepared and to be aware of things that are coming up in life, but don’t live for the future. 

Be so content where you are right now in the present that if you were to live this way forever you would still be living your best life. 

Throw away your countdown, and instead count the blessings you have in your life today.