Personally, I am not a gardener but I do know the basic principles of successful gardening so that what you plant will grow. You plant the seed in good soil, water it, keep weeds away from it, and in a few weeks or months you have the flowers, fruit, or vegetables you were expecting.

So what would happen if I bought a tomato plant, for example, planted it in rich nutrient soil, but then never watered it? That would be pointless, right? We have to nourish the seeds we want to grow! This principle is the same in our prayer life, we must nourish the seed of our prayers.

When you pray for something – a family members salvation, healing in your body, restoration in a relationship, a new vehicle, the finances to go on a missions trip – whatever it may be, we must water those prayers.

I don’t mean that we need to beg God to answer us because when we do that we’re in doubt. No, when we pray we know He answers us and because of that, we nourish our prayers. We continue to thank God that whatever we prayed for is done. That His healing power has gone into our body, that the finances we need are on their way, and that that lost family member or friend’s heart is open to hear and receive His truth and salvation.

Often times we say a prayer, believe in something for a moment, but then forget to water it. Continue to lift up your situation to God in thanksgiving of His goodness and provision until you see it come to pass in your life – then praise Him some more!