February 20th, 2023 Monday Motivator

If there were one thing I could teach or give a lesson on, it would be to “seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.”

This short sentence holds the key to a peaceful, fulfilling life.

To seek His Kingdom and righteousness is simply to seek His will and way of living. 

Many people have been held in captivity by the feeling of needing material things.  

Not realizing God is the creator of it ALL.

God has provided all material things, such as clothes, food, money, etc., for our good. First, to meet our daily needs, but also to enjoy life. 

Yet, without realizing it, many of us have made creation our lord instead of Jesus, the Lord of lords! It is an easy trap. 

We must remember that the God who has created all things can also provide all things!

He calls us his most prized possession out of all his creations. 

When you own something of worth, you treat it as valuable. You do not neglect it. You take care of it and keep it safe. So our Father will never ignore us or our needs because we are the most valuable thing to Him.

Many have given first place in the hearts to materialism, but if we shift our focus back to God, making Him first, all these things will follow. 

Ask yourself, did God ever neglect those in the bible who sought first His Kingdom? No, he didn’t. He always had provision and does for you and me too.

A heart after God unlocks provision.

As you live out each day, seek his Kingdom and righteousness first, and God will provide! 

Matthew 6:23, “But seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”