God doesn’t do anything partially. He doesn’t give us one step of direction for His plan and then tell us to come up with the rest. He doesn’t partially heal us. He will never give you only half the finances you need. He is always fully there to love, forgive, guide, provide, and heal.

Knowing this allows us to completely put our trust in God. When you know that He will be faithful in every situation then there is no reason to not give Him our all and trust Him and His Word. 

It can be our default to come up with a backup plan even when we’ve prayed and asked God to help us. With God, you don’t need a backup plan. He will always come through for you 100%. When we proclaim His powerful Word and use the authority we have in the name of Jesus, whatever we pray about will be answered fully and on time (John 14:14). 

Our heavenly Father never wants to halfway bless us, which secures the belief in us that when we pray, God will take care of our entire need/desire, not just part of it. 

This is why we can make God our source without being fearful or doubtful. The Lord can make a way through every situation and provide us with everything we need, not only physically or financially, but also mentally and relationally. When God is our source we know we have everything we need and there is no reason for a backup plan.