September 18th, 2023 Monday Motivator

A word that God has been dropping in my heart as we enter this Fall season is courage.

The first day of Fall lands on the same day every year, but it still tends to sneak up on us. We get wrapped up in back-to-school activities, work, and life’s challenges, but before we know it, we’re surprised that the heat has ended. 

This got me thinking: we are often surprised by the challenging season we are in, but God is never surprised. 

The people you’ll meet, job offers, the new life you bring into the world, even the shortcomings. None of it caught God by surprise.

As we enter into Fall and its challenges, I want you to remember to respond with courage. With Christ on your side, you can handle every opportunity and obstacle that comes your way with a Holy boldness.

My encouragement to you in this new season is: 

  1. See the beauty within the opportunity, work, or challenge. 
  2. Remember your worth and handle it with courage.

True courage comes from the core of who you are. And you develop your courage with the Word of God. The Word gives you the strength to make up your mind and act by faith – moving boldly.

Supernatural courage comes from who you are in Christ, the real you, as you act in line with God’s Word. 

The key to courage is not waiting for the moment to come and expecting you to respond with great courage. Instead, you have to meditate on God’s word day and night, getting it in your heart. As Romans 10:17 tells us, “Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.” 

Build your faith through God’s Word daily, so when the moment comes, you will respond with faith and courage, not intimidated by the obstacle or opportunity but rising up with great boldness.

Your boldness comes from Him! It is rooted in your relationship with God, so you know you can do “all things” through Him. 

Stay in God’s presence, stay in the community of the church, and stay in His Word. You’ll find great courage rising as you know you are covered by God’s hand and the community of our church family. 

2 Chronicles 19:11 says, “And take notice: Amariah the chief priest is over you in all matters of the LORD; and Zebadiah the son of Ishmael, the ruler of the house of Judah, for all the king’s matters; also the Levites will be officials before you. Behave courageously, and the LORD will be with the good.”