September 11th, 2023 Monday Motivator

Today marks the fifth Monday Motivator in our series, “Getting Rid of Excess Baggage.” To catch up on previous posts, simply visit this link:

As the saying goes, “Save the best for last,” and that’s exactly how I feel about what I’m sharing with you today – the topic of our true identity.

Understanding your authentic identity greatly influences the joy you experience in life. Israel lost their joyful spirit because they forgot who they truly were.

It took them 12 months to escape Egypt physically, but a staggering 40 years to remove the Egypt mentality from their hearts.

They ceased being slaves, and so have we. Their journey mirrors our own, transitioning from slavery to becoming children of God.

Throughout their transformation, God consistently referred to them as “His people.” I find that beautiful because God never abandons His own. His love and provision never cease.

He claimed them as His own, just as we are His:

– We are God’s children.
– We are living proof of His grace.

Too often, we fall into the trap of the “looking-glass principle,” letting others’ opinions shape our identity. When someone responds negatively, we start viewing ourselves poorly.

But this need not be the case! The only opinion that should define our identity is God’s, the One who intricately created and molded us.

Recognizing who you are plays a pivotal role in shedding emotional baggage. When you understand your identity in Christ, nothing and no one can shake you. No circumstance, because you grasp your rights and inheritance as a child of God. No person, because you know they don’t determine your worth.

This week, make it your mission to deepen into your identity in Christ. Let this knowledge permeate your being, washing away any internal baggage that has tarnished your self-perception. No more carrying the burden of bondage; embrace the freedom of your true identity.

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new. – 2 Corinthians 5:17 NKJV