What is your view of God? 

Do you see Him as someone to impress, do you work hard to stay on His good side? Is He distant in the back of your mind, like a friend you need to catch up with but don’t seem to make the time? Is He like a Father, can you talk to Him and have a deep loving relationship? Is He there when you need Him or do you turn to His guidance last? Is He loving? Judgmental? Harsh? A source of comfort? We all have a different view on God even though He is the same, and He’s been the same since the beginning of time. 

The Bible says that God is our Provider, our Healer, our Father, and our Refuge. But the problem is we often let our earthly experiences change our perspective of our Heavenly God. For example, if your dad was not in your life growing up, it can be hard to view Him as a loving Father. Or if you were judged by a member of a church, it may taint your view that God unconditionally loves you. 

Let’s dig deeper into the “father” example above. Whether you have an amazing dad, a cruel dad, or one who was never really around, I want you to come up with how you think the perfect dad would act. Maybe the characteristics that come to mind are ones of the kind of dad you wish you had, the way you would like to treat your future children, or how you would like your husband to interact with your kids. Have an image in mind? Good. God is all of that, and more. You can’t even compare Him to the “perfect father” you have in your head. He is extraordinarily more loving, forgiving, generous, and kind than that. 

When we need healing, God is our healer. 

When we are stressed, He is our peace.

When we don’t know how we’ll pay our bills, He is our provider.

God is anything we need, at any moment. He is our God, our Father, and our Lord. 

If you had a hard time answering my first question I urge you to take a look at what you’ve let affect your relationship with God. To view Him as anything less than what I’ve described is a disservice to yourself and you are missing out on a relationship unlike any other in your life.