We never really get “there”, do we? To a place where nothing new is going on, there is nothing that we need God’s guidance or wisdom on, to place of complete contentment living our day to day lives not really anxious or excited for anything. 

Honestly, that doesn’t even sound like a place I would want to be! Yes, sometimes we wish life didn’t have so many ups and downs or unexpected twists, but isn’t that what makes things interesting and pushes us to exercise our faith in Christ?

For many of us, the unknown can be scary. We don’t like the “what-ifs” of life and it’s difficult to not silently freak out about upcoming events that you don’t know the outcome of yet. 

Whatever you’re anxious about today, whether it’s going back to school, taking the first step into what God recently spoke to you, or starting a new project in your ministry, have faith in God! Turn your anxiety into expectation by giving your situation over to the Lord and trusting Him to meet your needs, give you wisdom, new creative ideas, and peace.

Whenever you feel anxious look at it as an opportunity to flip the switch of faith on and become expectant about the Lord working on your behalf. It may not be easy, but God sees your effort and will meet you every time. When we put ourselves out there and believe in His abilities instead of our own, the results will be far better than anything we could have done without His help.

There is no place for anxiety in the Body of Christ, the Bible says God will give us wisdom (James 1:5), meet all of our needs (Phillipians 4:19), and strengthen us (Isaiah 41:10). So don’t let the unknown trap you in a cage of worry but be expectant and excited, waiting in anticipation of all that the Lord will do for you!