What is your heart’s desire?

In other words, what is your desire for something that you want or feel compassionate about?

God does not do anything without a reason!

These words you will want to take with you everywhere you go and have them planted in your mind for when you are going through a rough season in your life.

When God designed you inside your mother’s womb, He put specific skills, talents, and desires inside of you that you need to fulfill God’s calling on your life. 

As you begin to pursue God and live a life of obedience to Him, you will then begin to see your desires come into your life!

God will use your desires and passions to help fulfill the calling on your life and to help you do your part in advancing the Kingdom of God. To advance God’s kingdom means to expand the reign of God like yeast spreads through the dough and causes it to rise. Yeast enters the dough and slowly transforms it. … When righteousness, peace, and joy increase in your life, the Kingdom of God advances. (Romans 14:17)

Don’t think that what inspires you is not important!

“Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.”

~ Psalm 37:4

I would love for you to share with me, the skills, talents, and desires, of your heart!