September 4th, 2023 Monday Motivator

“For we walk by faith, not by sight.” – 2 Corinthians 5:7

Keeping our focus on God’s promises rather than getting caught up in doubts and challenges is crucial.

Remembering His faithfulness, proclaiming His promises, and writing down our vision can all help us stay aligned with His plan. It’s all about walking by faith, not just relying on what we see in the natural.

That’s what the Israelites struggled with. They lost their faith in where God was taking them. They were so caught up with where they were in the present that they forgot where they were going.

But I believe we cannot be quick to judge them as we tend to do this as well.

Let’s put our feet in their shoes for a minute. We are quick to read about their story, but I think it’s vital to put ourselves in their situation.

In Old Testament times, God spoke through the people He chose, and those people were to communicate what God had spoken to them to the people.

So, Moses’ mission was to communicate to the Israelites everything He had commanded and promised.

First, thank God we have the Holy Spirit today who speaks directly to us.

Now, consider how much faith it required of them to believe this man they never met to lead them into a land full of milk and honey.

Secondly, consider how much more faith it required as they traveled through a wilderness and desert to get there. A place where you look left, right, behind, forward, and see the same thing. It probably felt hopeless at times.

Did they have a reason to doubt? Did they really have a reason to complain? Should it really have taken 40 years to get to the promised land? NO.

But this happens when we take our eyes off the promises of God and focus them on our current circumstances.

Maybe not to their extreme, but we tend to do the same thing. When we do this internal baggage builds up that we were never meant to carry.

After seeing God faithfully come through time and time again. We still question.

This is why walking with our spiritual eyes and not our natural ones is essential.

To walk by faith and not by sight.

Holding on to the promises of God, clinging onto them, and writing His Word on our hearts. For His yoke and way of doing things is easy and light which can require our faith.

You may feel like this is a desert, wilderness journey, but see the supernatural works God is doing in it and remember where He is taking you.

Remember what He has done, proclaim what he has promised, and write the vision! Throw off your way of doing things that are weighing you down and walk by faith which allows you to walk in His already made provision.