June 5th, 2023 Monday Motivator

There are many things I enjoy and love in life.

I love to golf on a breezy summer day with friends, but one thing that cannot be beaten that I love is the favor of God.

God’s favor brings about protection and provision. 

When traveling to minister, the first thing I ask is that you pray one minute a day for me so that God will allow me to have favor wherever I visit to preach.

Without God’s favor, we cannot accomplish what God desires for our life. Of course, he wants to shower His favor on all His children, but there is a part we play in receiving this.

There is a kicker to God’s favor. 

And it’s our OBEDIENCE!

God delights in the children who obey His voice or the Word. When we do so, we will see that favor unleashed in every area of our lives!

We must trust in Him. Yet, like the disciples, many of us look toward our current possessions to determine or bring about our provision and protection.

When the disciples asked Jesus to send the crowd away after ministering to their needs, so they may get food before it was too late, Jesus replied (in my paraphrased form), “Why don’t you feed them?”

They began to look at what they had as not enough, not realizing they were with the Master, who could bring about provision.

So, What are you looking for? 

Is it your resources or God’s? 

God can bring about provision from what you already have!

When you obey what He has asked you to do and choose to act on that word, God will bring more and better than you had in mind. 

I am blown away by the many times God made a promise in the bible to someone, but before that promise was a command that was to be acted on in obedience before the promise could be fulfilled. 

God will meet our every need, but are we doing our part?

Obedience brings favor. 

Obedience brings blessing. 

Your obedience is what leads to the fulfillment of God’s promise.

Listen for His voice, surrender, obey, and let God do the rest!